From beginning to end, God’s message of mercy is this:

“I created you, I love you, and I have given you commands and boundaries to keep you from harm and to keep you separated from the corruption of this world.

But you have become proud; you have turned away from Me and have chosen your own way…however, the way that seems right to you, leads away from Me and away from my love and protection — your road leads to destruction, and if you continue going your own way, you will surely die because of your disobedience.

But listen to the good news!!
You don’t have to die!

Listen to my words and put them into practice!!

Repent and Believe and I will give you My Holy Spirit.

I will make you a new creation. I will give you a new heart and a new mind! I will welcome you, my child!
You don’t have to die in your sin and be eternally separated from Me!
Turn away from your disobedience— turn, turn, turn to Me and live!”

Your Heavenly Father loves you and waits for you to return to Him.
Today is the day!
Today is the day of your salvation!

Repent Believe Persevere