I’ve seen entrepreneurial preachers trying to sell Jesus.
They treat His Gospel like a business, holding marketing strategy meetings.

Using business techniques, T-shirts, and signs, they make merchandise of Christ
While tickling the ears of their hearers, through the cleverness of their minds.
Self-focused, self-serving with no thought for the divine.
Writing feel good messages like,

“It’s your to time”-
“Get your best life now”-
“You got to name it and claim it”-


That’s not what Jesus is about.

Our savior is greater than any catchphrase, slogan, or 140 character tweet.
He IS the Alpha and Omega, and He is all you’ll ever need.
He’s not a genie in a bottle, there’s no 3 wishes, no 5 steps to complete.
He’s not a quick-fix, self-help or putting bodies in the seats.

It’s your soul He came to save
Now please listen as I repeat:
It’s your soul Jesus came to save,
And through His death, burial, and resurrection, God’s purpose became complete.

So those of you who hear His voice,
Are to let His light so shine,
That the darkest hearts of men may be illuminated –
While there is still time.

Jesus said, “You must lose your life to find it”
And that sounds quite insane,
But He’s not telling you to strap a bomb to your chest, or to blow up a plane,
Killing men, women, and children and claiming it was all in God’s name.


The Gospel message is not, “suicide for salvation”-
“Losing your life to find it” means to die unto your self –
Giving up your love of this world, and dependence on your self.
Surrender ALL to Jesus and you will truly live –
Here, now, and in eternity…through belief and trust in Him.

You see, true love is obedient, and the greatest command of all
Is,“Love God with all your heart soul mind and strength” –
He wants control of every area –
Family, finances, and everything in between.

He wants to be the center.
Go to Him in times of need,
Not alcohol, drugs, sex or all the rest,
These will become your idols, and they will deceive.

See, if you tell the people what they want to hear,
They will never know it’s Jesus that they need.
Just share HIS word with truth and grace,
You were called to plant the seed.

You don’t need cameras, lights, and all the noise-
Jesus said: “Peace! Be Still!
Sssssssh… be silent.
Listen for his voice….in the madness.

So “man of God” please understand,
It’s not your church it’s His –
Lay down your agenda and your plan,
And let Jesus lead the way…

The other day I heard a “preacher” say:

“I don’t want to offend,
Our research has shown that people get turned off when we talk about their sin.”

When I heard this, I thought: “How can anyone preach unless they are sent?”
Because every word of God’s book is divine inspiration,
So, If you’re not teaching all of it’s grace and it’s truth,
Then you’re “Going Rouge” like Palin.

And as I speak please understand,
I stand guilty of all. these. things. myself.
I’ve tried to water down the lesson,
In hopes to make Jesus more attractive –
But listen, This is my confession:

I have murdered, stolen, lied and cheated,
Misused God’s gift of sex and worked for personal ambition.
Dishonored father, mother, sister, brother, and that’s only the beginning,
That’s the short list of my sinning,
Cause it goes on, and on, and on, and on…
Lived my entire life “doing me” and refused to admit that I was wrong.

Until the day Christ began to draw me in,
Showed me my sin and my need for him,
Showed me the truth of my depravity,
Then He showed me His mercy and His grace,
Just so I would know that He’s not mad at me.

Now every day I dedicate to Him,
But when I stumble and when I fall,
Yes, through it all,
He is mighty to save and to forgive.

And He’s calling out to you today if you’ve never known his name.
Don’t let that pride, you hold inside, keep you from Him today.
Believe in Jesus and repent of sin, that’s God’s standard to be saved.
Then His Holy Spirit will be given them, which this command they have obeyed.

Whether black or white,
Red, yellow, brown,
Woman, child or man,
The meaning of your life comes down to this:
Is Christ in you and are you in Him?

Now as I close please understand
Some of this was difficult to say,
But I’m so grateful for Jesus saving me,
It’s Him I must obey.

He loves each and every one of you,
And His love is true and patient until the end.
So my brothers, and sisters, if you want your “Best life now”
Die today, and follow Him.

In Jesus name, I say:


Repent Believe Persevere